Rosie Maries Animal Haven (RMAH) is 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill animal shelter located in southern Louisiana near the city of Thibodaux. RMAH was founded in 2003.  We began rescuing and adopting cats and dogs in the city of Thibodaux in 1999. The city of Thibodaux neither had nor has the means of providing for the abandoned animals of its city.
  In our ten year history we have rescued 1000 dogs and cats and we presently have 27 dogs and 300 + cats in residence.  All our animals are vetted and neutered.  Our animals are non-caged or kenneled and have secure free roaming areas as well as heated and cooled areas.
  We work closely with the Humane Society, ARNO. We are also a member of the American Humane Society, (ASPCA) The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The Wild Life Center in Baton Rouge helps us with our abandoned Opossums and Racoons.
  In 2007 we placed a portable feeding building in the city of Thibodaux. We feed appoximately 40 to 50 cats abandoned by the city of Thibodaux. This is very costly, but without it these animals would be living a life of pain and suffering.
   Veterinarian bills are paid by RMAH, and there are a few of our animals that are in desperate need of medical treatment. Companion animals enrich the lives of countless Lafourche parish residents, but overpopulation, abuse and neglect are widespread problems. We as individuals can only do so much, but with your support there is so much more that can be done.



  Our nonprofit is dedicated to helping sick and/or abandoned animals within the city of Thibodaux and surrounding Parishes of south Louisiana. RMAH is dedicated to seeing that all animals live a comfortable pain free life.  RMAH's vision is to see that all animals live happy, healthy lives.

 Our mission is to rescue and provide a refuge for the abandoned, homeless, neglected, abused and forgotten cats and dogs in our community. To carefully place cats and dogs in loving homes, as well as give lifetime care for those who cannot be placed.



We welcome any and all donations. Thank you for your support.
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We proudly support the Louisiana SPCA

We are a proud member of the ASPCA.

Memeber of The Humane Society of United States

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Your tax-deductible donation will save animals lives. We appreciate any and all donations.
Thank you for your support.